Cleaning out your closet: or as Nina Garcia would put it “editing”

Having a clean closet is of utmost importance to maintaining a good, established wardrobe.  While keeping clean may seem like an annoyance, a waste of time, and maybe even torture for some, without an occasional cleaning, a closet can become a place of distress for our garments rather than a convenient storage space.  When our closets are stuffed to the brim, our clothes get wrinkled, things get lost, and most likely you will need an extremely high tech GPS to find what you’re looking for in the abyss.

To prevent such misfortunes from occurring here are a few tips from the experts at Cobalt Magazine:

  1. Get rid of anything, and we mean ANYTHING you haven’t worn in over a year.  Unless it has some weird sentimental/family value, toss it.  Face it, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, you are not going to wear it anytime soon.
  2. If it can’t be tailored, repaired, or cleaned, time to say “Arriverderci”!  lamentably we’re afraid garment fairies are only in our dreams, but a hearty spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s (feel free to substitute Haagen Daz or whatever your pleasure may be) will help to heal the flesh wounds if this step will be rough for you.
  3. If it doesn’t fit: If it’s too tight: an unfortunate predicament, however, you can choose to loose a few inches, donate it to a friend, or simply say goodbye to it forever. If it’s too loose: friends, this is a truly fantastic problem to have, with a “facile” solution: tailor it yourself, take it to a friend who can sew, or find a talented tailor where you live (definitely will be a future post, don’t you worry,) and voila, it will be wearable once more.
  4. Get organized. May seem obvious, but with some fashionistas you never know.  There are some great organizational avenues you can choose to travel down including shoe racks, shelving units, storage bins…and then you can also think about color coding, sorting by type (like dresses, blouses, pants, etc.), sorting by season, length, really, your options are endless.  The moral of this step is to find a strategy you like and consistently utilize it.

– Emily Gregor


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