What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with the trends on Twitter

#1 Blur: an English alternative rock band founded in 1988. Why are they cool now? Well the band just took home some bling at the 2012 BRIT awards, (most notably the Outstanding Contribution to Music award,) and they just released two new singles “The Puritan” and “Under the Westway” on their Facebook page as of today July 2nd.

#2 Anderson Cooper: A CNN daytime talk show host who, until recently, (thanks to Entertainment Weekly) has kept his private life, well, private.  Now being officially outed as a member of the gay community, we are happy to congratulate him on befriending the 159 million females in the USA who will be thrilled to have him as their new GBF.

#3 Dior: One of our favorite French fashion companies, originated by Mr. Christian Dior in 1946. What makes them stand out from the all the rest today is at 2:30pm when the first haute couture collection by Raf Simons is stealing the spotlight in Paris at an enticing secret location, so have fun getting front row seats to that one ladies and gents.

#4 Riccardo Tisci: An Italian fashion designer taking over the house of Dior, he enjoys listening to Iron Maiden at well above a limit acceptable for one’s delicate eardrums, considers his design aesthetic to be “romantic” (as opposed to what others may label as “dark” or “gothy”,) and when transexual model Lea T. was known as Leo, she was Tisci’s personal assistant and fitting model.  Tisci is undoubtedly a designer to look out for and isn’t escaping the limelight anytime soon.

-Emily Gregor


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