Spinning a Web of Fashion: The Amazing Spider-Man Red Carpet in Review

The Amazing Spiderman hits theaters at midnight and we at Cobalt thought it would be appropriate to give you guys the low down on Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s red carpet looks over the past few weeks.

Emma Stone at the L.A Premiere wearing Chanel Resort 2013


The Good: The Loubiton’s are to die for. We’re SO obsessed with them, and they add a little edge to her look; as for the dress, the bodice is to die for, we love the intricacy of the details.

The Bad: Yes, Emma, tis’ true, you are in fantastic shape, however, we feel as though there is way too much emphasis on your hips here, in fact, that would be way too much emphasis on anyone’s hips!

We love how Emma stayed true to her personality by putting on a fun and flirty frock, but it’s the L.A premiere. Her shoes are striking, and the make up is decent, but we feel as though this isn’t going to be added to the master list of iconic red carpet looks anytime soon.

Andrew Garfield at Berlin Premiere in Gucci


The Sympathy: Look, we understand you must be nervous, we get it, you’ve never really done anything this big, but we would really LOVE to see some pearly whites, pretty please?

The “Eh”: Well for starters, the look (while being a valid attempt at vintage,) is extremely dated. We feel as though a cute plaid print is great when kicking back with some jeans, wearing it under your sweater, or even worn on your boxers, but we’re going to start calling you Grandpa Garfield if this look becomes a constant.

Emma Stone in Dolce and Gabbana in Madrid


Remember in Sound of Music when Maria decides to make the Von Trapp children clothing out of the curtains? We are feeling some nostalgia here. We are head over heels for the lace trimmed hem and the classic mid 1900’s cut, but curtains aren’t exactly our favorite textile.

Emma Stone (Gucci 2013) & Andrew Garfield (Balenciaga) at The French Premiere.


WE LOVE: The old Hollywood allusion. Emma channels her inner leading lazy and brought it in a sexy and chic look to the red blue carpet. Props also go to Andrew for wearing such a bold ensemble.

We Question: Is Andrew’s suit too casual? Check. A black shirt would have TOTALLY fixed this problem. Is Emma’s lipstick shade to dark? Check. Being a Revlon cover girl may have it’s perks (uh free lip color right off the press, spreads in every magazine ever…and yes the list goes on,) but sometimes it’s better to go with a classic rather than an experimental shade.

We get it, it’s a spiderman premiere, but is AG taking it too far? The spidey-costume is a great look for you but maybe going this literal on the red carpet should be used with caution. 

Emma Stone in Ellie Saab Fall 2012 RTW in London


Andrew take notes! We adore the daring plunge, and the hint of color that highlights Spider-Man’s color scheme. It’s a flawless fit and looks effortlessly chic.

However; her makeup looks like she’s covering up an allergic reaction five minutes before she stepped out of the limo. 

All in all we give the Red Carpet looks an 83%. Stylists you can keep your jobs for now, but just keep in mind we will be watching. 

-Courtney Fishman, Emily Gregor


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