What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed.

#1 New God Flow: It may sound like the weirdest thing ever, but we promise it isn’t as strange as you think. “New God Flow” is a single released by Kanye West and Pusha-T, which they previewed on the BET awards this past Sunday, and is now stepping into the international limelight.

#2 Bob Diamond: The (now former) CEO of London’s Barclay resigned after much pressure to step down after a sketchy bank controversy (it’s complicated, we won’t go into details here.) Now one of Europe’s largest banks is without leadership leaving the door open for current company shining star Antony Jenkins and other external candidates to take over.

#3 The Amazing Spiderman: After premiering just last night at midnight, the box office hit hopeful features Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield taking on one of the most celebrated comic book story lines in our history, as I’m sure most of you, unless you’ve been hiding under some cultural-social-media rock already are aware of.  What you may not know is that stars such as Ashley Greene, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff, Sara Paxton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were up for the part of Gwen Stacy, but Revlon cover girl and funny girl Stone snatched up the role. So far the 215 million dollar production has received a 7.7 rating on IMDB, and as for its success rate, we will see what this week will bring.

#4 681 Team: Right now, these guys are the hottest thing on Etsy (the place where you can buy vintage or handmade stuff,) since sliced bread.  Other than that, we’re not quite sure what the rave is, but Twitter certainly seems to love their stuff.

#5 Alexis Mabille: Don’t know who that is? Don’t worry, neither did we until this morning. Alexis Mabille is a French fashion designer who, for Paris haute couture fashion week, featured a collection mainly containing dazzling party dresses.  He opened his doors in 2005, starting with creating unisex clothing, and since his line has evolved into separate ready-to-wear lines for men and women, underwear, accessories, and debuted his haute couture line in 2010. Before all that, he graduated in 1997 from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and did some work for the house of Dior, thus helping him earn his now well-established clientele and success in the industry.

#6 Andy Griffith: He left us for a better place today at the age of 86. Mr. Griffith’s contribution to the film and T.V. industry will be remembered fondly, and we at Cobalt send our regards to his family, his friends, and his fans.

-Emily Gregor


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