Another Reason to Love Iceland: Emilíana Torrini

Even as you dig out your favorite patriotic wear and light up the grill in the name of Patriotism this week, another country deserves a round of applause (and maybe even some celebratory fireworks) for the musical genius that is Emilíana Torrini.

Torrini’s native land of Iceland has produced many mystifying acts- Björk, Seabear, and Sigur Rós to name few, but Torrini’s talent may just be the most underappreciated of her country’s musical alumni.

Her notable work includes the track White Rabbit in 2011’s Sucker Punch and her performance of Gollum’s Song in The Lord of the Ring Trilogy’s Two Towers. But past her recognizable success lies something even greater: a writer who knows how to use a production studio.

Jungle Drum, released as a single in 2009, is a perfect example of Torrini’s greatest asset. The low fidelity guitar recording over her lyrics of unadulterated joy (along with some killer scatting) create an infectious song that can’t help but make you want to get up and join the Icelandic freak parade with Björk.

Torrini has heartfelt melodies, such as the one in Big Jumps, so sweet that it could likely give you Type Two Diabetes, but you wouldn’t even care because it felt so right. Even when she eliminates lyrics at the end of the song, it can’t help but feel that she is still telling something much more profound than words can describe.

Proper respects should also be given to Torrini’s team of producers. Hold Heart off the Me and Armini album sounds like it was recorded in an arena football stadium.

Overall, Emilíana Torrini’s spacy Icelandic pop is a great example of a musician who knows how to use her tools- lyrics, a studio, and of course, the allure of Icelandic music. Torrini is a perfect choice when in the mood to do some embarrassing singing and dancing in the car.

Listen to it now- Jungle Drum

-Abbey Maynard


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