What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Steve Nash: Last night, right before the celebrations really got going, after playing for ten out of sixteen seasons of his professional basketball career for the Phoenix Suns, Nash has left the Arizona heat and packed up his bags for the city of angels to play for the Lakers.

#2 Cinderella: Even though nowadays, the name may refer to the disney movie OR the American rock band, in this scenario, we are still talking about the one with a fairy godmother. Disney will release the 20th anniversary Diamond edition of the classic film on August 27th; but the real reason “Cinderella” is clogging up the Twittersphere is because Christian Louboutin has at last created Cinderella-inspired glass slippers especially for Disney (We personally wish he would make shoes for us…) The shoe is a sparkly, white laced pump with Swarovski crystal-encrusted heels, and to keep with the ageless tradition of the brand, still subtly showcases the iconic ruby underside. Just remember “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and maybe having a pair of these shoes sitting on a regal shelf in your closet won’t just be a fantasy.

#3 Syria files: Just when we think we’ve heard the last of WikiLeaks, they strike again, releasing 0ver 2.4 million email interactions to and from Syrian government officials. Like our world doesn’t have enough controversy already #SMH.

#4 The Shard: When we first saw this, we assumed it was referring to a really long, lethal fragment of a mirror or a gory horror movie, however, the Shard is actually the most recent recipient of the prestigious title “The Tallest Building in the World”. This 1016 ft. tall building looms over London, and does (to our gleeful surprise) resemble a shard of glass, although others have dubbed the building “The Cheese Grater”. The monstrosity boasts 44 elevators, 206 flights of stairs (talk about a cardio workout,) and 600,000 square feet of office space. Unfortunately for architect Renzo Piano, he will have to surrender the title when the 1069 ft. tall skyscraper, the Mercury Tower, in Moscow, Russia opens later this year.

Here’s a snapshot of the tower of glass and cheese: (Photo Credit: USA Today, sorry we poor college students couldn’t find a flight to London that cost less than $100.00, but at least we gave proper credit right?)

– Emily Gregor</strong


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