What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Murder by Numbers: As if he didn’t just release another new album (The Lost Tape), 50 Cent makes a deposit into the music industry as he drops his latest album, “5 (Murder by Numbers). The 10 track, somewhat raunchy album shows 50 Cent’s consistency, passion, and work ethic to produce a quality album.

#2 Federer: After years and years of being one of the (if not THE) top male tennis players in the world, Roger Federer still shows up to win, proven in his current performance at the prestigious Wimbledon Championships.  So far, Federer has effectively moved his way through the game, last night beating the 2011 winner (and current number one ranked male tennis player in the world) Novak Djokovic in the semifinals.  Federer personally has won Wimbledon from 2003-2007 then again in 2009, and his insane record includes various wins in the French and Australian Open.  Basically, Federer still rules the Perennial Ryegrass and isn’t anywhere close to putting his tennis racket back in the case any time soon.

#3 Novak Djokovic: This Serbian (while relatively new to the professional tennis thing, if you consider how long Federer’s been a kitchen table name,) is holding his own at the Wimbledon Championships, and hopes to bring home a consecutive win in the distinguished tournament.

#4 National Fried Chicken Day: Today’s the day ya’ll, hope you are able to sit down to some greasy, Southern interpretation of a celestial feast.

#5 Silverstone: Not referring to an Aviation technological group, a home building company, or a town, Silverstone refers to the motocross event across the pond, the British Grand Prix. It’s a little treacherous weather-wise over there so the brits are worried this race will turn out like it did in 2000, waterlogged, muddy, frustrating, and completely unfun.

#6 Frida Kahlo: Artist Frida Kahlo would’ve been 105 years old today.  She is famed for her contribution to the Surrealism movement, has served as an inspiration woman for many throughout and past her lifetime, and is best known for her self-portraits.  Feminists everywhere preach her work for its depiction of female experience and form, and others celebrate it for its rich cultural tones and the expressive feeling that seems to seep from every brushstroke.  Happy Birthday Frida!

-Emily Gregor


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