What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Penelope Scotland Disick: This little cutie is the latest addition to the Kardashian family! Kourtney Kardashian gave birth this morning and Penelope will join her 2 year old brother Mason as a part of the clan. Congrats to the Kardashian/Jenner clan!

#2 Qanda: Just happens to refer to any tweets relating to the Australian ABC1 Panel Discussion TV programme Q&A. We’re not sure why this is trending today either in all honesty.

#3 Sienna Miller: Miller and her fiance Tom Sturridge gave birth to their first little one today as well, only no one knows the name yet, (unlike with the K-clan.) These British actors are pros at keeping things in the family and aren’t planning on letting the public get up close and personal anytime soon.

#4 SAVE LENNOX: Now THAT’s determination right there. Save Lennox refers to the petition to save a family dog in Belfast, Ireland that merely has physical appearance qualities similar with that of a pit bull. Lennox has never shown any signs of aggression and his family has done everything they possibly can to save him from the UK “Dangerous Dog Act”, in simple terms, the death penalty. So far, over 174,000 signatures have been added to the “Save Lennox” petition with over 20,000 on a new “Boycott Belfast” petition. Does this guy really look that threatening? We don’t think so (photo credit: Huffington Post)

#5 John Terry: In London, Terry’s racism trial began today. Terry is the captain of Chelsea’s international soccer team and reportedly used offensive racial language on the field during a game against the Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand, (really, who messes with someone with a name THAT awesome, come on,) obviously leading to his persecution. Our suggestion to John: Next time keep it clean on the field bro. #SMH

-Emily Gregor




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