Don’t Lose Your Cool

In Cleveland there are 2 seasons: the eight months of despicable snow & summer. Although born and raised in this winter bred town, I can’t handle the cold.

Now I don’t want to be known as the complainer, and since I already gripe about Cleveland’s cold spell, I am embracing the current heat wave.

Here are my suggestions on how you too can’t beat the heat.

  • Use waterproof mascara & eyelinereven if you’re not going to jump into a pool, adding waterproof eye makeup into your regimen will give you a flawless un-smudged look. 
Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner, comes in great shades that will give you a sleek look that you won’t sweat off. $17
  • With the smoldering heat it’s important that you protect your skin from getting too many rays. I know I know, who likes to put on sun screen when you’re about to meet your friends at the mall or lunch, and it’s no where near a body of water? The best way to protect your skin is using a moisturizer with SPF. This way you can keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and unharmed.
  • I personally LOVE Neutrogena’s moisturizer. For only 9.99 you can find an oil-free moisturizer for combination skin, sensitive skin, and anything in between.
  • Who ever said fashion didn’t save lives? Stay protected and fierce with the help of a floppy sun hat. You can keep your scalp from turning dry, keep your forehead unharmed, and best of all look cute doing it.
Gap has a number of sun hat’s that will accessorize any outfit. (If you go soon you might even find one on sale since most store’s are having their summer blow outs.) Raffia Sun Hat 34.95
  • Everyone knows that dark colors attract the most heat, so it’s important that you dress in fabrics that are light and absorbent if you want to stay comfortable and dry!
Gravitate towards fabrics like cotton, rayon, denim, and linen to stay cool.
Stay Hydrated: as much as you love your venti iced vanilla latte from Starbucks, be careful that you don’t dehydrate yourself! Coffee among other things is one of many diuretics that you may have on a daily (or if you’re me tri-daily) basis.
Other things that will dehydrate you are sodium and sugar. So when looking for a thirst quencher, put down that gatorade and grab a nice cold bottle of H20.
-Courtney Fishman

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