Indie Rock Pronunciation Guide

Nothing is more embarrassing than claiming that your favorite band is emgemt, but no one knows who you are talking about because what you really meant to say was Em-Gee-Em-Tee (MGMT).  The next time you want to talk music with friends or other music fans, use this list to prevent future embarrassments and boost your indie cred.

The Avett Brothers- Ah, the ultimate English language dilemma, short or long vowel?  The answer: Long

The Ay-vit Brothers

Frou Frou- Imogen Heap’s side project’s name is ambiguously foreign, leading to some strange guesses on pronunciation.

Froo Froo and Frow Frow (like crow)

Sufjan Stevens- Persian for “comes with a sword”, this Michigan native has a tricky first name.

Soof-yawn Stevens

Sigur Rós- Icelandic is one of the trickiest languages in the world to learn, and this Icelandic band name meaning “Victory Rose” is no exception. If you pronounce the name correctly, it may distract for the fact that you know how to pronounce exactly none of the song titles. But don’t worry, almost no one can.

See-her Rose (say rose quickly)

 The XX- Not Dos Equis.

The Ex Ex

Bon Iver- Possibly the best part of Bon Iver winning a Grammy this year was listening to several ridiculous pronunciations of Justin Vernon’s group.  My favorite? Bonnie Bear.

Bone Eh Ver (like the Spanish verb).

!!!- Guesses anyone?

Chk Chk Chk

 Die Antwoord- This South African rap group’s name is Afrikaans for “the answer”.  On the off chance that this comes up in any conversation you ever have, make sure you don’t use the Americanized pronunciation.

Dee Antwerd

Dead Mau5- While this seems like a fairly obvious one, I’ve been asked this question before, and it’s not Dead Mow Five.

Dead Mouse

Fleet Foxes- “The” is not included in the name of Robin Peckhold’s folk group.

It’s exactly how it sounds, but don’t add  “the” in front

-Abbey Maynard


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