What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Penn State: After the awkward moment month year with coach Jerry Sandusky, the FBI found out Penn State botched reports of the incident, causing even more controversy (like they needed that.) They claim to have concealed information in order to keep the matter internal, but when everyone knows about it that becomes nearly impossible, especially when it’s about a high-profile case like this.  Good luck explaining yourselves out of that one Nittany Lions.

#2 Freeh Report: Just in case you haven’t heard enough about Penn State, the Freeh report is simply referring to former director Louis Freeh (of the previously mentioned FBI) and his various statements on the matter.

#3 Throwback Thursday: It’s that day of the week again, so you Instagram fans know what that means: post a ridiculously old pic of yourself so every single one of your followers can be reminded just how adorable you were when you had braces, glasses, and frizzy hair.

#4 Bain Capital: Ah snap.  More stuff about Mitt Romney, (we wonder if he’s regretting this whole, presidential-campaign thing…) anyways, the plot line of this episode (we’ll call it the “Exit of Regret”) concerns Romney leaving Bain Capital (an alternative asset management and financial services company in Boston, Mass.)  Now he claims to have left in 1999, but apparently, according to the most recent shiny new press releases, he stayed on until 2002.  What will this mean for the Republican party nominee? Is this the end OR is it merely the beginning of another rocky political season? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of The Romney Chronicles.

#5 Cher Horowitz: For some strange reason, today had a prerequisite for a 90’s flashback? Cher is still dominating the cult-fashion scene (maybe she’s not as idyllic as Carrie Bradshaw, but she’s pretty close!) so we feel like tonight is a good night to kick off the high heels, open the pint of Ben & Jerry’s you stashed away in the freezer last weekend, and pop in Clueless for a stroll down memory lane (cue happy music for optimum strolling experience.)

-Emily Gregor


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