What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Happy Friday the 13th: It’s the last one of 2012 too, so make sure to play with all black cats, break everything that even resembles a mirror, and of course, walk under as many ladders as possible! One fun thing to do today is head over to your local Chick-fil-a, where it’s also Cow Appreciation Day, meaning if you dress like a cow, your chicken is free…so anyways, have fun out there fellow supernaturalists!

#2 Free Dress Friday: Now we know all of you would love it if this meant you get a free dress by clicking on a link or something, believe us, we do too.  When we were researching this one, we got info on the Chick-fil-a event today, and a bunch of stuff about Catholic schools that feature days that you can wear whatever you want on certain Fridays throughout the year.  We also found some stuff about renttherunway.com, but no where did we actually find something that was going to give us a free dress just because it happens to be Friday.  Overall we are pretty disappointed with this little Twitter trend.

#3 Michael Clarke Duncan: The actor, famous for playing John Coffey in The Green Mile, is in the hospital today suffering from cardiac arrest, (so not a fun way to spend a Friday…) We at Cobalt send him our lucky horseshoes and rabbit’s feet and wish him the best on this 13th day of July we refer to as Friday.

#4 H&M: We’ve always loved H&M, not sure why just now everyone else in the world is catching on.  H&M is the next step up from Forever21, known by fashionistas as a wallet-friendly closet, with the expectation that the goal is to make you look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.  This fall, the brand is doing a collaboration with Margiela, which naturally we are excited about, along with the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration.  We proudly support this budget-chic establishment and are glad to see other people loving it just as much as we do.

#5 Maxi Rodriguez: Not in any way referring to the creator of the maxi-pad or something feminine-hygiene-related, Maximiliano “Maxi” Rodriguez (one of the many smokin’ professional soccer players in our world,) has decided to leave the Liverpool team for Argentina.  Since he joined Liverpool this past January, he’s made 73 appearances and 17 goals, but just because he’s returning to Argentina doesn’t mean we won’t still be watching.

Emily Gregor




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