What’s your sho-roscope?

The type of shoes you wear can say a lot about your personality, so we at Cobalt decided after consulting our crystal balls of fashion, to share some of the insight into the unknown we discovered.

To the wearer of the sneaker: You are rugged, a simple mention of “the wilderness” leaves you breathless in a state of pure ecstasy.  You prefer to be comfortable, and don’t believe in the whole “beauty is pain” thing, especially in relation to footwear.  You keep everything athletic-chic, from the minute your rubber soles hit the pavement to the minute you’re untying your laces when your kicking back after a long day.

A great shoe for you: Pull and Bear pinked running shoes, found at pullandbear.com for only 9 euros!

Cute, comfy, and at a price that is super affordable!

To the wearer of the ballet flat: You are the epitome of cute.  A true girl-next-door at heart, you like to keep it classy, conservative, and sweet.  You’re idol is none other than Zoey Deschanel. You like order and perfection, and keep your stuff organized to a T.  You like your things to have a girly detail, whether it be bedazzled or come equipped with a bow or flower.  One last thing: Pinterest may or may not be your best friend.

A whimsical flat for you (if you can afford it, check out the hot Lanvin and Miu Miu variety, but otherwise): Chinese Laundry dress up: nude lace flats. $65.00, found at heels.com

To the wearer of the heel: Ah.  You.  You are fiesty, ambitious, determined to get your way.  You believe in female empowerment, and if a man seriously gets intimidated by your daunting heel height then he is obviously not the one for you.  You have a type-a personality, and are part of the movers and shakers society.  Sophisticated, tough, and ultra-chic, you will dominate the workplace and get those cat-calls.

The killer spikes for you: Now we could tell you to run to Christian Louboutin himself and ask for some scarlet-soled stilts, but seeing as we like to keep it real with our readers, we’ll give you something your credit card will be a whole lot happier with: The Crossover Sandal, $59.99, found at zara.com.

To the wearer of the boot: You like to switch it up.  You like things to be multifunctional, an avid texter-while studying-while painting your nails kind of girl, therefore the boot is your go-to shoe.  You like to be cozy and fabulous at the same time.

A slouchy, cozy option for you: (Steve Madden has some great boots, as does endless.com, but for the girl on a budget these are a little more wallet-friendly): Tweed Cuff Heel Boot, $15.00, charlotterusse.com.

Emily Gregor


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