Transitional Trends: Colorful/Patterned Denim

Ever wonder how you can stretch your dollar and make pieces work for multiple seasons?  “Transitional trends” is your answer.  This series from Cobalt Magazine will make it even easier to be stylish throughout the seasons while utilizing the full potential of your closet.

 This “transitional trends” covers the trends of colorful and patterned denim and shows you how to take these trends into fall.

Colorful and patterned bottoms have been all over the runway and the streets for the past few months.  In terms of most trends, these have been fairly easy ones for people to incorporate into their wardrobes because they are less difficult to pull off than other trends-i.e. peplum or mixing prints.

Fortunately for us college fashionistas, these trends are transitioning from shorts to pants for fall.  We recommend that you snatch up a pair of either patterned or colorful bottoms if you haven’t already to keep you on trend.

Things to keep in mind:

-Shorts are more wearable at the moment because of the heat (I’m talking to you, Minneapolis), but they are colder in the fall.  Keep in mind that they can be paired with tights for a little extra coverage.

-Pants will be more wearable in the fall as the temperatures start to drop, but they can be cuffed and worn with embellished sandals or wedges for those cool summer nights.

-The bolder (or bigger) the color or the print, the more difficult it will be to work into outfits.  Items like this, however, will make fabulous statement pieces and can become the focal point of an outfit.

-If you can afford to purchase both pants and shorts, we recommend purchasing patterned shorts and colored jeans in order to fully embrace both aspects of the trend.  We think this will allow the greatest versatility in looks while letting your creativity shine.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these trends and whether or not you’ll be incorporating them into your wardrobe

-Jennifer Gardner


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