What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 ozgurlugunesahipcik: No, someone did NOT just fall asleep while they were typing, no, this is an actual trend referring to something besides some sticky keys, despite what most people think.  The best tweets that have spurted from this trend so far include: “if you can pronounce #ozgurlugunesahipcik, your cellphone will explode,” and “looking at Twitter trends and thinking ‘what da??!!!'” In the world outside of the U.S., they seem to know what it’s all about though.  It appears to be a call for freedom and support for troops in Istanbul, some links have also taken us to the One Love Festival, a music event that takes place all over the world this week.  For now this Turkish lingo is still seeming a little bit like gibberish to us though.

#2 Retroactively: Haha.  Poor Mitt Romney.  The Huffington Post is just not letting this whole “Bain Capital” thing go! The latest news from the wire is that Romney “retired retroactively” (for those of you just catching up, Romney claims to have left the company in 1999, but everyone else says he left in 2002.)  He really has got to find a way to escape this situation, because frankly, the next time we have to hear anything about “Bain Capital” we’re moving to Antarctica to party with the eskimos.

#3 Tony Cohen: A fashion company famous for shoes, established in 2004.  He’s trending today because many are anticipating his show today at Amsterdam Fashion Week which started July 11th and sadly rolls up its runway tonight.  So many fashion weeks, so little time!

#4 Flagg Ave: Simply referring to a blog post on the Sartorialist concerning street fashion.  The Sartorialist is a pretty cool blog created by Scott Schuman with the purpose of relating fashion to daily life, view his most recent post here: http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-flagg-ave-montauk/

#5 Happy Karma Day!: Hopefully you don’t get slapped in the face by this one today fellow fashionistas.

-Emily Gregor


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