What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 The Shire: Australia’s answer to Jersey Shore that not even Australians support.  The story line follows the life of a 24 year old nightclub singer who failed to make it in America and has returned to reconnect with her fellow peeps down under.

#2 Philosophy Songs: Ahhh some good philosophy songs to get you up when your feelin’ down, to motivate you when all hope fails! Here’s our new Philosophy Playlist, we wish we could buy some of these on iTunes:

1. Hume Do You Think You Are

2. Dazed and Confuscious

3. Lacan You Feel the Love Tonight?

4. I Think Therefore I am What I am

5. Love Will Voltaire Us Apart

6. A Total Eclipse of Descartes

7. (Thomas) More, More, More!

8. Piece of my Sarte

9. Sweet Hume Alabama

10. I Kant get no Sartresfaction

#3 Hi Anna: Shout out to all those ladies named Anna today!

#4 A Lyon: This famous city in France is the talk of the Twittersphere today.  Lyon is known for its history with the French film industry, has an indescribable light festival on December 8th of every year (Think Tangled), and is considered the French capital of gastronomy (the art of studying fine food).

#5 Barton Biggs: An economic strategist (in fact, one of the best) of the Big Apple has left us all today at the age of 79.  We send our best wishes to his family and friends.

#6 Mumford and Sons: Yay for some good news!  Mumford and Sons announced they will be releasing their new album “Babel” on September 25th of this year.  Despite the difficulties the folk-rock group faces with missing their families overseas, it’s been worth it to get to do what they love.  Most of the new album they wrote while they were on the road, which they think is an obvious element to their new material.  We can’t wait to hear it guys!

Emily Gregor



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