What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Emmys: Today the list for the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Award nominees was released.  One that surprisingly didn’t make the cut despite a stellar consistent performance over the years is House‘s Huge Laurie, who’s in the final stretch for the hit series.  HBO dominated the list (unsurprisingly so,) and many familiar faces are scattered among the comedy and dramatic categories, so we will see who comes out on top on September 23rd!

#2 Bulgaria: A deadly terrorist attack on a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria today is said to be a suicide attack.  The Bulgarian government is still trying to identify the attacker, with many ideas circulating from an Arabian from Michigan, to an Iranian extremist, really they aren’t quite sure, they just know whoever it was, it definitely wasn’t an accident.

#3 Rafael Nadal: Professional tennis player Nadal has pulled out of the 2012 London Olympics claiming to be “not in condition” to compete.

#4 UNSC: the United Nations Security Council is trying to figure out the mess of the Syria situation, a feat far easier said than done.  Best of luck to UN Ambassador Susan Rice and all the crew as they attempt to “make it work”.

#5 Fred Willard: There are some things you should never do in public.  Especially at a Hollywood theatre.  Hopefully he learned his lesson on this one!

#6 Downtown Abbey: The hit wartime series is up for a Primetime Emmy! (What a surprise right?…Not! #ShowsWeLove)

Emily Gregor


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