Playing with color: Tangerine

Since tangerine was declared the color of the year by Pantone (a color forecasting company), it has been widely embraced across the design community.  Everything from sofas to towels has been popping up in this fashionable shade.  Even though orange can seem like a scary color to pull off, it doesn’t have to be.  Due to the widespread availability of the color tangerine, you can be as conservative or as bold as you dare.


If you want to play it safe yet still embrace the trend, try tangerine accessories like the OPI nail polish in Totally Tangerine, this bag from H&M or these wedges from Target (see image above).  By injecting some pops of color into your wardrobe, you can update your look for the year without looking like you are trying too hard.  For the college girl on a budget, this is a good way to go.  Since your look can be easily changed by what you pair it with, a few inexpensive tangerine accessories inject a little high fashion while keeping that credit card bill low.

If you like to take more risks with your style, try a dress or a shirt (see image above) in a bold tangerine hue.  By making the color the center of your outfit and not just an accent, you will be sure to make a statement.  Just a word of advice: adjust your makeup if you decide to don a lot of this summery hue.  Bronzy makeup and a swipe of coral gloss compliment tangerine perfectly.

Jennifer Gardner


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