What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 tdf, Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins: Congrats to “Wiggo” for being the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France! Wiggins speaks fluent French and married his wife Catherine in 2004, now with two additions to the family, Ben and Isabella.  This past May, he started the “Wiggo Foundation” which aims to encourage exercise and participation in sports.

#2 Katherine Jackson: MJ and Janet‘s mama, Katherine is either a) missing (as her nephew Trent claims) or b) sick, and recovering in Arizona (as her son Jermaine claims).  Whatever the case may be, we either hope that she is a) found ASAP or b) having a speedy recovery.

#3 Vettel: Sebastian Vettel took home 3rd place in the Formula One World Championships.  The German racing driver, while currently driving for Red Bull Racing, won the World Championships in 2010 and 2011, with 22 career wins under his belt.  He may not consider himself to be a “school guy” but as a kid he looked up to “the three Michaels”, meaning Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Michael Schumacher.  He also is into the Beatles, and considers himself to be private, impatient, and (naturally,) competitive.

#4 Oslo: Today is the anniversary of the shooting in Norway where 77 people were killed.  We hope that some good has come out of such horror and devastation.

#5 HASHIM Amla: He became the first South African to record 300 runs in test cricket, and also holds the record for 2nd highest score in the history of the game.

#6 NCAA: Today they are trying to figure out how to deal with the Penn State situation.  They claim the penalties will be severe, unprecedented, and different than any penalties they have ever given.  It sounds to us like they mean business.

Emily Gregor 



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