What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 House of Style: MTV is bringing it back ya’ll, only this time it’s gonna be exclusively on the web.  It’ll premiere on October 9th and will highlight personalities in the fashion and music industry as well as other iconic celebrities.  This one may rival the Sex and the City marathons fashionistas.

#2 Happy National Tequila Day: We’re not talking about that, since all of us are still under 21, but we do love holidays, so as always, embrace it!

#3 Atta Mills: The president of Ghana, John Atta Mills died at the age of 68 today, our sympathy goes out to everyone involved, and we hope Ghana finds a strong leader to take his place as quickly and smoothly as possible

#4 WFD2012: The Westminster Faith Debate goes on every year in the UK, where people discuss religion in an open environment.

#5 We Miss Miley Smiley: Everyone’s missin’ their Hollywood sweetheart today.  Not sure why, she is apparently all grown up, so we think people should just get over it.

Emily Gregor


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