Fash-olympics at the Opening Ceremony Reception

It’s that time again– the olympics, and sure while everyone gathers around to question if London’s opening ceremony will oust Bejiing or if Michael will continue to bring home the gold, I find that this gathering not only brings together the athletic marvels of the world but the fashionistas as well.

With the Olympics taking place in London (one of the chicest places in the world in my personal opinion) the outfits are about to be OUTRAGEOUS, so without further ado the Fash-olympics.

Duchess Catherine sets out for the opening ceremony in London designer Christopher Kane. I find the ice blue color fabulous simply for the juxtaposition against her skin tone. It’s true she likes to dress modestly, but I think that satin coat dress might be taking it a little too far. Sure a conservative woman can still be fashionable, yet I find it too stiff. It’s the olympics for heavens sake, have a little fun.  Shortening the sleeves to three quarters length would have made this look a lot more modern, and season appropriate.

And the Gold Medal goes to Michelle Obama rocking it in J. Mendel. The bodice is absolutely stunning, and the  jewel tone detail lures you in. This look works for many reasons: 1. It’s sophisticated, but not drab. 2. It accents her small waist and toned arms by having a fitted top and flowy skirt. 3. Her shoes perfectly match the detail. Overall she’s a knock out, the dress is fun and flirty but stays age and event appropriate. Go Team Michelle!

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez wife of Nick Legg took a bold approach in bright blue . I really like how she incorporated american pride with accents in red and white, but why didn’t someone tell her to pull down her dress? Besides her dress malfunction the length is great, and the rectangular neckline is interesting and fresh.

Fionnuala O’Kelly wife of Irish Prime Minster: I get it, you’re from Ireland, but that doesn’t give you the right to be clad in head to toe green. Take a hint from Miriam and use accessories to show off your pride. Seeing as it is summer, and probably 90°+ in London, I understand why she wore cotton, but it’s way too casual for an affair at the Buckingham Palace. The black shoes and purse make the look heavy, ivory would have looked lovely!


Hayrunnisa Gul, first lady of Turkey took it to a new level of fabulous. She stayed true to her heritage with her head scarf but also kept her look on trend by pinpointing summer shades. The clutch is to die for, and the cut of the coat is impeccable. I absolutely love the collar. All in all an excellent look, I just hope she didn’t get too overheated.

-Courtney Fishman


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