Who made the best dressed list: Opening Ceremonies Edition

American Samoa 

This coastal nation represented their heritage and their culture with their tribal chic ensembles!

(Photo Credit: National Post)


These sheila’s and mate’s donned on spiffy hunter green instead of choosing a color off their flag (not an unusual choice this time around) and it works!

(Photo Credit: Media Centre)


They got it goin’ on, simple as that.

(Photo Credit: Style Elite)


This tribal nation looked sharp in their traditional dress, showing the world what they’re all about.

(Photo Credit: Bleacher Report) 


The Danes rocked the red and black flawlessly alongside their porcelain skin and sky-high grins.

(Photo Credit: Bleacher Report)

 Great Britain

Like we didn’t see this one coming.  With their classic white gear with gold accent the Brits proved they owned their turf.

(Photo Credit: Bleacher Report) 


India adhered to both the master book of style and to their culture with blissful ease.

(Photo Credit: High Confidential) 


Jamaica. Jamaicaan us crazy!!!! They brought ferocity and glam to the world’s stage and wore it proudly.

(Photo Credit: The Jamaica Gleaner)

 The Netherlands

Just because they live in frigid conditions 99.9% of the time (at least according to our American geography stereotypes) doesn’t mean their fashion was anywhere close to cold.  The Netherlands know how to turn up the heat.

(Photo Credit: Style Elite)

 South Korea

These South Koreans kept it classy, simple, and chic, with the result being a polished look.

(Photo Credit: Shrewd Tennis) 

Emily Gregor


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