Playing With Color: Cobalt

Cobalt has been rocking the runway this season; its edgy, cool-girl vibe leave us wanting more.  Unlike many hot colors this season, Cobalt is one that will be able to be utilized in fall and winter seasons as well, it is an extremely versatile color.


With most trendy colors, we suggest playing with accessories and adding little bits of the trend to your wardrobe to avoid spending too much on something you will only be able to wear for a month and to avoid over doing it.  With this one however, we think it is a lot easier to justify splurging on a great pair of Cobalt jeans, some fierce footwear, or even a glam dress.

Cobalt also works with a lot of color palettes, it isn’t restricted whatsoever.  Cobalt can be worn amongst neutral tones like camel, or paired against saturated reds or yellows (we love the primary colors a lot this year, especially with the whole color-blocking thing that seems to slowly be becoming a wardrobe staple.)  Have fun with it and show off your BOLD personality, for this season, that’s what the red carpet’s waiting for.

Emily Gregor


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