What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 RejectedOlympicEvents: We saw some great ones out there we just had to share with you: Adele karaoke, Synchronized Breathing, The Cinnamon Challenge, and Women’s Parallel Parking (Although we think the men should have to compete in this one too…#FeministWoes).

#2 RappersOnFoodStamps: Another laugh for your Tuesday, though not if your Pandora plays music other than Chamillionaire and Lil’ Wayne.

#3 MyAugustWish: Not sure why we haven’t seen much of this with other months, but I guess August is the month Tweeps like to Tweet about.  Some popular ones included “to be with you” (We think they must have just watched a Nicholas Sparks film,) “for summer to never end” (Who doesn’t want that?,) and many that are school related.  Our August wish is to hit it off at college, which for us bulldogs starts the 22nd!

#4 Cuba Gooding Jr.: This celeb actor was reportedly spotted shoving a female bartender down in New Orleans, so someone better let his agent know he won’t be available for any auditions anytime soon.

#5 Snoop Lion: Sorry bro, don’t care if you were “reborn” when you visited Jamaica, we’re not diggin’ the whole name change thing. You will always be Snoop Dogg to us, #JustSayin.

Emily Gregor


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