Playing With Color: Coral

A fun color this season, Coral is all the rave with its flirty, quirky vibe and a charming hue that goes with just about anything on just about any skin tone.

Since it is such a springy color, we don’t exactly support splurging on pieces, but incorporating it into your accessories collection will definitely work well in your favor.  Another benefit with going to accessories rather than staples is that the life of an accessory isn’t necessarily dictated by the season, most of the time it is appropriate year-round.  Some things to try for this trendsetting look: Vans for casual sneakers to wear around campus, (converse lovers, don’t worry, they have styles available in coral for you too); scarves at Target, Gap, and H&M; earrings at Forever21; and cute bags and clutches at Call it Spring!, Aldo, and you can even check department stores for some killer sales.

-Emily Gregor


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