What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 Gore Vidal: This literary phenomenon died, leaving us with 24 novels, 5 plays, and multiple screen plays.  We will miss his influential words of wisdom without a doubt.

#2 rowing: Team GB finally won its first Olympic GOLD in rowing today, and while we are more than thrilled for them we are still a little drunk on our success last night in Women’s Gymnastics and Men’s Swimming. Michael Phelps made history as the most decorated Olympian of all time with 19 medals (15 of which are GOLD), and then the Women’s Gymnastic team took GOLD in the all-around, so #TeamUSA, you make your country proud in the most impressive, inspiring way.

#3 Emma Pooley: GB’s big prospect in road cycling had a devastating trial, finishing 6th today, a true disappointment; her good sportsmanship and character show what a fantastic athlete she is despite her loss.

#4 Boris Johnson: Mayor of London, who today was found stuck on a zip wire somewhere in Victoria Park.  Talk about winning comedic GOLD team GB.

#5 Glover and Stanning: GB’s 2nd GOLD medal winners, taking home this studly hardware for Rowing.

Emily Gregor



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