What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 BlogHer12: BlogHer ’12 is here, BlogHer is an annual conference held in (duh,) the Big Apple for bloggers everywhere.  Basically it’s an event specifically designed for bloggers to “connect, learn, and inspire.” Last night, Mr. Pres. actually addressed the blogging community, as his family’s support for feminism and social media continues to grow.

#2 beautychat: The Beauty Chat Blog is trending due to the overwhelming response they generated on their topics about the Olympics.  Their slogan (fittingly so,) is “Look Good, Feel Good, and Speak on It!” Obviously, they hold values that we at Cobalt support more than willingly, the site is nice because it offers real opinions from real women on new products, new beauty services, everything you can think of pertaining to beauty.  Go check it out here: http://www.beautychatblog.com/ and tell us what you think!

#3 Katie Ledecky: Team GB strikes GOLD again, this time in the Women’s 800m Freestyle, props to this 15 year old for showing the world what she’s made of.

#4 Missy Franklin: This spunky firecracker won another GOLD alongside teammates Allison Schmitt, Dana Vollmer, and Shannon Vreeland in the Women’s 4x200m free relay.  From Gabby Douglas‘ breathtaking performance last night winning GOLD in the Women’s all-around for gymnastics, to the American swimmers taking over the pool, Olympic athletes are definitely making America proud.

Emily Gregor


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