The Nail-ympics 2012, the event: Women’s Color Combination

Everywhere we go color follows us; It’s a vital part of our lives. But the time has come to liberate our nails from simple French-tips and single shades. This season, and the incoming, are calling for bold as nails have become the new palette for self-expression.

Now, how can you bring this loud trend to your own nails for these last few weeks of summer? Well, with a half hour and the right polish it’s easy. The real question here is which color to grab? Well, that’s up to you, but I would, without hesitation reach for my rich cobalt blue and the yellow-green that happens to be the glorious love child of lime green and a yellow highlighter from middle school. These two edgy colors play well off each other, fit with almost anything I grab out of my closet, and make a statement everywhere I go.

So what now? I do floral prints all the time so this time I’m trying something different. Some call it the “Obre Nail”, some the “French-Tip with a Twist”, and others the “Gradient Nail”. For the sake of simplicity I’m calling it the “Gradient Nail” (Which is actually short for the “Sponge-Free Super-Simple Gradient Nail).

What you need:

  • Cotton Swabs (I used 6)
  • Two contrasting nail colors (I used “Aruba Blue” by Essie, $7.49 at Target, “Glitz n’ Go” and “Let’s Tiki” by Anise’ $6.00 at DSW,
  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat

1. I apply my basecoat and followed it with two coats of my Cobalt Blue polish.

2. After the blue has dried, I reach for a Shimmery Brown polish to add dimension (it’s not quite glitter.)

3. Next, I apply it roughly and about half way down to nail (No need to worry about perfection).

4. When that’s dry, I’m ready for the Lemon-Lime. And with that Lemon-Lime, I haphazardly cover the brown (It may take more than one coat to get the right shade depending on the polish).

5. And once all of my nails are painted and dried I take a cotton swab, doused in remover, and gently rub it along the line to create that faded, gradient effect. (Be careful not to rub too much or you’ll remove all of the nail polish).

6. Then touch up with polish, apply my top coat, and presto!

-Allison Trebacz


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