What’s trending today: Letting you know what’s up with your Twitter feed

#1 BH12ElectWomen: This one is spurned from the BlogHer ’12 conference in New York City this weekend.  Today the idea is to promote women empowerment and leadership to get what needs to be done in our government, in our homes, and in our country itself.

#2 Dai Greene, Ennis: Team GB is all over the Twittersphere yet again! Enough on that subject, #TeamUSA!

#3 Serena Williams: Our girl Serena became the first women to win all four Grand Slams and a GOLD medal in both singles and doubles at the Olympics.  Just another fellow fashionista making our country proud on the court.

#4 Kim Collins: Folks, we have another Olympic controversy.  Oh no, the doping violations by three individuals from three different countries wasn’t dramatic enough, so naturally today, track and field runner Collins was prohibited by his country to participate in the 100m, all because he went to visit his wife at her hotel room outside of Olympic village.  I guess when St. Kitt’s says business, they don’t mean for it to be funny.

#5 China’s Sun Yang:  Yang set a new world record today in the men’s 1,500m freestyle, with a time of 14.31.02! Talk about going the extra mile for your country!

Emily Gregor



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