Fall Trends Under $100.00

For most girls I know, back to school shopping almost makes up for the fact that you’re going to be in school for the next nine months.  The stores release their fall collections in full force, and it’s nearly impossible to narrow down your newfound loves and decide which ones you’re actually going to purchase.  We love this time of year because the anticipation of school has us trying on piles of denim and cozy sweaters for those cooler nights while the oppressive heat of summer pulls us towards the colorful tanks and shorts.  Since we can’t afford to buy the entire store (try finding a college girl who can) or even all of the things we’ve fallen in love with, we’ve selected our favorites from H&M that add up to $100 or less…

1. Peter Pan Collared Blouse-$18

The nice thing about this blouse is that it can be worn so many different ways.  The bird print lends it a feminine flair that is complimented nicely by jeans or a high-waisted skirt.  It can also be worn with trendy coated or leather jeans for a more edgy look.

2. Cobalt Blue Scarf-$10

Cobalt is such a trendy color this fall, and this scarf is the perfect way to inject a little color into your outfits.  Since scarves can pair with virtually anything from plain v-necks to patterned dresses, this is a versatile piece that will last multiple seasons.  It also shields you from the wind when you have to cross campus in the middle of winter.

3. Burgundy Dress-$13

This cute dress embraces another one of the popular colors this fall-burgundy.  It is a perfect transitional dress that you can wear during the end of summer to look fashion forward and continue to wear into the fall with tights and cardigans belted over it.

4. Color Blocked Bag-$18

This bag introduces a hint of color into an outfit without being overwhelming.  The white bag is a classic neutral that pairs with anything while the pink details give it a modern twist.  It would look stunning with a black or pink dress.

5. Colored Denim-$20

If you couldn’t tell already, color is huge this fall.  Colored denim can be as bold or as safe as you choose to take it, but either way it looks on trend.  Choose a neutral-colored top to play it safe, or choose a contrasting color if you want to stand out and embrace the color-blocking trend as well.

6. Patent Leather Studded Belt-$12

Patent leather is another huge trend this fall, and we thought that this was a great way to incorporate it into an outfit.  The studded detail on the front gives any outfit a rocker vibe.  Pair it with a sundress to make it more edgy or over a looser sweater to give it some shape.

-Jennifer Gardner


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