Fashion Essentials: College Edition

College is right around the corner, and a new school year means it’s time to update your wardrobe and make sure you don’t wake up on the fifth day realizing you have nothing to wear!

1. The Little Black Dress. Granted, in this day and age it really doesn’t need to be black, but it needs to fit you great and be extremely versatile. It is best to have one you can wear in all seasons, add and subtract accessories to, and remain relatively simple. You also don’t want it to be too trendy, meaning no obnoxious feathers or sequins that will end up dating your frock.

2. 4-5 pairs of jeans. Not just any jeans, but jeans that are classic, hit you at your ankles, and fit well. It is okay to have one or two pairs of trendy jeans, like colored jeans or skinny jeans, but make sure to have most of your denim a straight or bootcut fit.

3. A watch. It may seem like a thing of the past with our technologically savvy generation and all, but having a watch allows for you to put your phone away during a lecture and still be able to know what time it is. It also adds a level of class that is not able to be obtained from having your phone in hand 24/7, not to mention it will help you get through your work study shift easier. While a Cartier or Rolex is nice and all, to get a good watch you don’t necessarily need to spend too much money, so just find one that will go with your usual color palette that you love and you will never again hear the annoying response “it’s time for YOU to get a watch!” after you have to ask the time.

4. Belts. Guy or gal, belts are definitely a wardrobe essential. It is best to have one (at least) in black and brown for versatility and then (this part really only applies to the ladies,) get a few in bold trendy colors when you want to switch it up.

5. Flats. May seem strange, but sneakers should really be reserved for working out and that’s it. Not saying you can’t wear a canvas shoe or something, but Nike running shoes have no place in a fashionista’s wardrobe. Get your basic pair of black flats and then have fun with it. I’m a huge advocate for heels, but when you are walking all over campus, flats become far more appealing, and, they’re pretty cheap which this college student will never complain about.

6. A great pair of heels. Yes, I know we just talked about flats, but heels are important too. Have a basic pair of black patent leather (or vegan leather if that’s more your thing) for going out, interviews, parties and whatnot. If you are super into heels (like your’s truly,) I don’t need to tell you twice to fill your shoe organizer with as many pairs as possible.

7. Basic tees and tanks. It’s worth spending some extra dough on these, I know it seems silly to spend $20.00 or so on something so simple, but they last much longer, hold their color better, and are made of such great material. My current favorite for all basics is Banana Republic, but Urban Outfitters has some great options, and the Gap has many lower budget alternatives that will work as well.

8. Bags, bags, and more bags. Okay so you don’t need that many bags, but you need to have a few options on hand. A large bag or tote is good to have so you can fit everything you need in it at any given time. It is also vital to have a good clutch or two, (or five…or seven…) They are great for hitting the town with the girls, going on a date, or really going anywhere you don’t want to be stuck with carrying a lot.

9. Look out below. Panties, bras, ladies; get your hands on good ones. Make sure you have the right size, get fitted, figure it out, not only will guys be appreciative, but you will be more comfortable and your clothing will fit (and look) a lot better.

10. Cardigans and Jackets. In order to keep your college wardrobe fresh, have quality cardigans and fitted jackets to spice up your look. Just about any store will have something you’re looking for, just make sure it fits, and make sure it’s cute and comfortable.

Emily Gregor


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