Project Run…and pray

Project Runway throughout the years has been one of my favorite shows, but as the years progress the show has made some changes.

Changes I would consider for the worse.

Originally the show was about fashion. Which designers had the clearest vision, innovative ideas, and talent?

Now the producers are fixated on who can create a garment in 7 hours that looks like it took 7 days. I get it I get it, it’s reality TV, but this is not fear factor; fashion television shouldn’t be going to such extremes. Amirite?

Just last week, and mind you it was only episode 4, 2 PEOPLE QUIT! 2!

Yes, PR is about having those make-it-work moments, but why can’t it go back to the old days where designing was the number one focus, not the pressure and drama queens vying for their 15 minutes of fame?

On Project Runway’s latest installment, “It’s my way on the Runway”, the cast was split into 2 groups to design a 6 or 5 piece collection depending on the number of people in their group suitable for Marie Claire at Work.

I absolutely HATE group challenges, for the shear reason that tension is always at its highest. However, when you pull a group of 11 flamboyant, overly opinionated designers together you get some funny remarks. Here are the best:

  •  “Great, this is going to be the best of the f*****g eighties”- Gunnar (in regards to group 5’s color palette of purple, fuchsia, and teal) 
  • “I feel like Elena just escaped from the woods, she is an animal!” –Chris
  •  Dear Gunnar, The next time you attempt to do something really follow through with it before you decide to wait four hours and start something new. Sincerely, Yourself. I was letting myself know that I was rude today and I made the wrong decision. – Gunnar Deathrage
  • (Singing) “Silk chifonsies” “The generals of silk chiffonies are Chris, Ven, and Nathan. They tend to use silk chiffon over everything else. They use the same material all the time to create these garments that are not that practical for a woman to wear. (Continues singing) “Silk Chifonsies”- Elena
  • “I think Ven is one wing monkey, oh no he’s one trick pony that’s what I meant.”- Dmitry
  • Her boobs were like all over the place, it was like a soufflé. –Heidi Klum
  • My look is my least favorite of the bunch, but at least it has MY name on it!- Gunnar Deathrage

-Courtney Fishman


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