Cobalt Magazine Presents: College Packing & Move-in Day Tips

If you’re like the majority of college freshmen, you’re so excited for move-in day you can hardly stand it.  At the same time, the start of college means saying goodbye to the friends and family you’ve know since forever.  Since this time of year is filled with so many conflicting emotions, here are a few tips to make move-in go a little smoother for everyone.


  1. Make an itemized list: While I hope you’ve done this already, making a list will help you forget fewer things and get an idea of what you still need to buy.  If you need help getting started, there is a plethora of websites dedicated to making a packing list for college.  Start googling and you’ll hit a jackpot.
  2. Pack early: I’m not saying that you have to be that freshman that had everything packed by registration, but you should have the majority of your stuff packed the week before you leave.  That leaves more time for last minute shopping, hanging out with friends, and saying goodbye to relatives.  Need I mention, you’ll be less stressed?
  3. Don’t over pack: Yeah I know I’m not exactly the best person to lecture on this since I have an embarrassingly large pile of boxes I’m bringing to college. The only advice to offer on this one is to make a serious packing list and edit it down a lot.
  4. Be creative with your packing and your containers: Suitcases may look pretty when you’re wheeling all of your things into your dorm, but they take up way too much valuable space.  Make sure you have a carry-on bag or duffel to bring things home for breaks, but I encourage you to use foldable containers or bags for the rest.  Plastic zip up comforter bags work beautifully for practically anything you’re packing.  If you use plastic totes or luggage, send as much of it home with your parents as possible.  Make sure to rearrange your belongings to maximize the storage in your containers.  Socks fit beautifully in cups and lamps while garbage cans are perfect for holding detergent, shampoo, and anything else you don’t want to tip over.

On move-in day:

  1. Rearrange the furniture before you bring in your belongings.  It’s so much easier to loft your bed and move your desk when you aren’t tripping over your futon and your roommate’s luggage.
  2. Bring plenty of food and cold drinks to keep your move in crew happy unless you want to be hauling in everything yourself.  It also is a great way to break the ice with your roommate
  3. Look over your room carefully to check its condition.  You don’t want to lose your damage deposit at the end of the year for something that was there already.

Good luck on move-in day! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite packing tips are.

Jennifer Gardner 


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