Who to Know in the Fashion Industry: The Photographer

Without photographers let’s face it, we wouldn’t know about anything in the fashion industry except for what we see everyday on the streets.  Photographers grasp the concept the designer wants to convey to create the perfect picture, the perfect shot, the perfect angle, you name it, they’ve already figured it out.


1. Annie Leibovitz: An American portrait photographer who made her start with Rolling Stone.  Being an artist, she has faced numerous ethical controversies with her work, (if you remember Miley Cyrus’ apparently nude photos in Vanity Fair when she was a mere fifteen, this won’t surprise you in the slightest.) Her eye sees her “subjects” as things of beauty, not as a profession or as a title, simply as art.

2. Mario Testino: The Peruvian god himself, Mario Testino is truly the epitome of a modern day fashion photographer.  His most famed work deals with the British royal family, but he is also admired for his work with various models, actresses, and performers. To see the best of his work pick up: Diana, Princess of Wales; and Kate Moss by Mario Testino.

3. Patrick Demarchelier: Parlez-vous français?  This French fashion photographer started out when he was 17 and his flashbulb has yet to stop snapping.  He is most renown for his international campaigns with Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, TAG Heuer, Celine, and Calvin Klein.  One of his most famous photographs is of Christy Turlington in 1992 seen here:


4. Steven Meisel: Acclaimed for his stunning portraits of Madonna and his work for Vogue, Meisel is an American photographer born and raised in the Big Apple.  For over 20 years he has been responsible for the covers for both U.S. and Italian Vogue, a pretty unheard of feat in such an evolutionary industry, and owns his own studio in NYC.  Unlike the other photographers we’re talking about here, he doesn’t have a single book compiling his work, not a one, luckily you can just jog down the street to pick up the latest issue of Vogue at Walgreens or in the campus convenience store.

5. Peter Lindberg: Living in Paris, Manhattan, and Arles, Peter Lindberg is a true globetrotter.  He has photographed everyone who is anyone from Tina Turner to Linda Evangelista, and has also had a film career.  His most notable films include: Models-The FilmSupermodels, and Inner Voices, all of which naturally contribute to his passionate love affair with the fashion industry.

Emily Gregor


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