What to Wear Move-in Week

Okay, really, what are you supposed to wear at move-in week?

The Problem, Part 1: You want to look cute, because you’re meeting all these people and you want to make a good first impression.

The Problem, Part 2: You want to look comfy, because you’re participating in all sorts of activities like “capture the flag” and random ice-breaker games.

Our solution:


A basic tee will keep you comfy, cute, and approachable, while the denim allows for versatility.  Based on your move-in activities, take caution with your footwear, but if you are just chillin’ in the lounge, in the dining hall, etc., wedges can give you a hint of summer, a smidgen of fun, and just a little bit of a dramatic edge.  When it comes to bags for college, it seems like you really won’t need it until classes start, but once they do, a large bag will keep all your stuff together, and it will be worth a splurge to get one that will last a while.  Finally, a statement necklace.  May seem petty, but a statement necklace is a great ice-breaker when you’re meeting new people, (especially your future BFFs!)

Emily Gregor 


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