A Classic Worth Raving About

Classic novels aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even the best of us feel like getting cozy and leafing through one of these when it’s as dreary and unpleasant outside as it was this past Friday.

Title: Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

People we  care about: 

  • Marianne and Elinor, the two leading ladies and female love interests in this rich work of English culture.
  • Mrs. Dashwood, the all powerful mother, with her no. 1 concern pertaining to getting her daughters hitched promptly.
  • Colonel Brandon, one of the male love interests, leading the dramatic romantic story line
  • Edward Ferrars, another love interest, of equal importance as Colonel Brandon
  • John Willoughby, despite his sweet, premature beginnings as a love interest, we learn to hate his deceitful character later in the novel

Why read this Austen classic?

This one is realistic because at various times throughout the novel it doesn’t seem like a fairytale ending is in store for the sisters, and even in the grand finale, things end up a little differently than what would originally was suggested.  In her other famed novel Pride and Prejudice (another one of my nerdy guilty pleasures) the end result almost seems too good to be true, so I appreciate the reality aspect of Sense and Sensibility. 

Emily Gregor


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