Understanding Infinity

It could probably go without saying, but music is quickly approaching infinity. Side projects and sub-genres, the density of material can often be overwhelming.  One of the easier ways to get your hands on different music in a semi-logical fashion is to take a listen to artists that are similar to ones you already listen to, but have a few differences. If you like, love, or absolutely adore any of these artists, a listen to their contemporaries is worth your time.


She & Him/M. Ward

Similarities: Both groups take you back to a simpler time with music reminiscent of the 50’s with folk influences.  M. Ward plays guitar and produces for both these acts.

Differences:  As Zooey Deschanel, lead singer of She & Him puts it, they create music for “an eternal springtime”.  M. Ward on the other hand makes songs that are a few shades sadder than his collaboration with Deschanel.

Listen To: Blake’s View


Fun./Among Savages

Similarities: Both groups have incredibly catchy choruses that can almost be considered rounds.  The lead singers both have the “can’t get your voice out of my head” effect, too.

Differences:  Fun. has a more compressed and filtered sound; Among Savages are down tempo and more ambient.

Listen To: New York City


Of Monsters And Men/Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps

Similarities: Caroline Smith and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (Of Monsters And Men) have almost identical voices.  Both groups are very lyrically driven and have a surprising amount of vocal clarity, especially considering OMAM hails from Iceland.

Differences: Caroline Smith’s group has a more acoustic sound than OMAM.

Listen To: Tank Top


Fleet Foxes/Father John Misty

Similarities: They both have an acoustic feel and are folk groups that use “oohs and ahhs” A LOT.  The groups even share a common member-  J. Tillman, former drummer of Fleet Foxes, and lead singer of Father John Misty.

Differences:  The vocals in Fleet Foxes have more harmonies than Father John Misty. Tillman’s dark sense of humor and comical stage presence make Father John Misty a little more interesting to watch.

Listen To: Nancy From Now On


Arctic Monkeys/Wavves

Similarities: Artic Monkeys and Wavves both play bombastic punk music and the lead singers have dated indie icons Alexa Chung (model) and Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast), respectively.

Differences: Artic Monkeys hail from England while Wavves are representing California.  Though this wouldn’t usually make a substantial difference, a lot of their lyrics and style come from each of their homes.

Listen To: King Of The Beach

Abbey Maynard



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