Don’t Get Caught in the Rain!

The weather today in Des Moines, IA, the land of corn and Presidential elections, predicts high heat and (luckily) not rain.  Despite that, I still am caught (very literally) without rain gear, so I set out to find some to ensure my favorite black flats weren’t drenched from toe to heel yet again the next time it decides to pour.

There are a ton of options for rainboots.  You can find anything from paisley to neon to rainbows to a bright COBALT blue.  Retailers like DSW seemed to have the most options with the highest multitude of price ranges, while Target sells a few styles all at a relatively reasonable price.

  • Target: $24.99-34.99
  • Steve Madden, $89.95
  • DSW: $39.94-$295.00

For raincoats, there is one for everyone out there, so price wise, you can spend anywhere from $30 to well over $300.  In other words, it is up to you on this one for how much you’re willing to invest.

Here are some basic brands/stores I found that had various options for raincoats:

  • JCPenney
  • Nordstroms
  • LL Bean
  • The North Face
  • Columbia

Emily Gregor 


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