Top 10 Things to do at Drake University When It’s Raining

This is yet another round in “surviving Drake Lake” for us first years, so we decided to compile a list of things to do when going outside sounds about as appealing as doing your Calculus homework (a little humor for all you right-brainers out there.)

1. Have a hall-wide marathon of Pretty Little Liars: not only will you make friends with the peeps from the ground floor, but you can make sure you’re all caught up with what “A” has been up to!

2. Find the comfiest chair in the Cowles library and read your favorite book

3. Listen to the “A Rainy, Mellow Day” station on Pandora

4. Take a siesta in your dorm room on your futon while you watch the rain fall lazily outside your window

5. Sip some hot tea, coffee, or basically anything warm.  Rain always tends to make us chilly!

6. Make up a new card game to play with the people on your floor with the deck of cards your rents put in your care package

7. Get a huge group of people and have a dance party at the Helmick Commons

8. Finish up that homework that you had planned on putting off until tomorrow

9. Rearrange the furniture in your dorm room.  Ten times.

10. When the day is done, watch the movie Hard Rain on Netflix as you bond with your new roomie

Hope these help you enjoy the rainy day and let us know any other ways you spent the day!

Emily Gregor 


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