Be A Campus Wardrobe Warrior!

Dressing in college can be tricky.  Many people take full advantage of the more relaxed lifestyle and show up to class in pajamas and sweats every day.  On the other hand, most people don’t want to look like that girl who shows up to class looking like she spent three hours getting ready.  It’s honestly just as easy to throw on jeans, a v-neck and a scarf as it is to slip on those athletic shorts and your old high school t-shirt.  The difference in your appearance, however, is huge.  Here are our top five reasons why you put a little effort into your outfits when you go to class.

  1. It shows you care.  When you show up to class looking like a slob, professors will automatically think that you don’t think their class is important.  First impressions mean a lot, and you could be regretting that decision in three years when you’re looking for that letter of rec.
  2. Have pride in yourself.  No one ever untagged themselves from a picture on Facebook because they looked too good.  You will never regret looking fabulous, but you might regret looking like a mess when you look back at your college pictures.
  3. Self expression. Fashion is a way of expressing who you are, and it’s a little hard to do that in pj pants.
  4. You attract attention.  Who doesn’t want attention from that cute boy who lives down the hall?  It’s a proven fact that people get noticed more the nicer they look.  Bask in all the attention 🙂
  5. You feel good when you look good. Self explanatory.

 -Jennifer Gardner


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