Don’t RUSH getting dressed

Today and tomorrow is a big day on campus for girls wanting to join a sorority. This year is the highest enrollment yet with 247 girls registered to rush. Unlike fraternities, sorority recruitment is extremely structured. To maximize your chances, you not only want to have a beaming personality but you need to dress to impress. Here’s my suggestions for what not to wear.

Night One: Sepetember 5th/ 6th

The first night should be fairly stress free seeing as it is mandatory to wear the recruitment shirt on this night. Make sure to pair your shirt with jeans, but be weary that you don’t wear anything that doesn’t fit your body type or has holes.

ImageAlthough the recruitment counselors said it was okay to wear shorts, I wouldn’t reccomend it. Sure it’s hot out, but most (if not all) houses are air conditioned. Shorts have the tendency to ride up, and like the name they are SHORT.

Shoes are also an important thing to keep in mind. Definitely do not wear flip flops, and although some may find tennis shoes comfortable, recruitment is not an athletic event. You are better off wearing sandals or ballet flats in a neutral color.

Friday, September 7th

Tonight is the night where you will go on house tours. With this in mind make sure to wear sensible shoes. Maybe it won’t be as cute without a wedge, but wouldn’t it be a lot more embarrassing to fall down the steps?

I CANNOT stress enough the length of your sundress. You’re going to be walking around and a skimpy dress may be a poor reflection of you. My rule of thumb is if you need to wear shorts or spandex under it, you should not wear it for rush.

Saturday, September 8th

The last day! This is your oppurtunity to shine, by showing the sororities that you can pull off dressy casual. When dressing up, do not wear anything that showcases your cleavage. Tight fitting dresses or bandage skirts are a definite no. You probably want to wear heels on saturday, but definitely nothing you can’t stand in for two to three hours. Beauty is pain for the most part; however, you should be more concerned about where you fit in rather than when you can take your shoes off!

Most importantly make sure to wear your smile 🙂

-Courtney Fishman


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