In Defense of the Activities Fair

Aside from Welcome Weekend, nothing makes you feel like a freshman quite like Drake’s Activities Fair.  Everyone pulls out their horse and pony show in an eager plea to get you to sign up for their organizations.  Whether it’s the music they’re blasting or the candy they’re handing out that draws you in, the message is clear- they want you to join.

However desperate the Activities Fair might seem, it is not such a shameful way to go about getting involved around campus.  The countless fliers around campus seem to lose their effect because they are always present.  The college activity fairs can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t in the school that is holding the event. And the simple truth is that Drake has a lot of clubs that fly under the radar.  By putting all of the organizations under one roof, joining new activities becomes unbelievably accessible.

With 130 organizations present, its nearly impossible to not find something at the fair you’d be interested in.  Yes, Drake has “normal” clubs, like College Democrats or Republicans, Best Buddies, Soccer, ROTC, and a newspaper (Times-Delphic).  But upon visiting the fair, a lot of off-the-beaten-road activities were getting attention from attendants. Booths like Ballroom Dancing Club, Mascot Club, Disc Golf Club, and even Poker Club were surprisingly popular.  And if you found something you thought Drake was missing, you could even apply to start a new organization.

Yes, the emails for all the clubs you whimsically signed up for might get annoying.  Yes, you may have felt like a huge dork, carrying around stacks of informational packets.  And yes, you may have even embarrassed yourself by going up to a booth and realizing it was something completely different than you originally thought.  But, the bottom line is that Drake’s Activities Fair is a fantastic way of learning about what’s available on campus and meeting people with similar interests.

-Abbey Maynard


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