Nail Rush!

When it comes to Rush (more formally and respectfully know as ‘recruitment’) girls from all over campus come together and primp for the unexpected. Some by a whole new wardrobe, others tease their hair, and many invest in brand new personalities for the time being.

Appearances count, as nearly every veteran of high school is aware of, and Rush week is not the time to fall back on and skimp out of more menial beauty routines like eyebrows or nails. While eyebrows are excessively important, nails are the secret weapon.

When done well, they serve as a polite statement of class (a neat french-tip for example). While a simple red nail can heighten any black and white outfit (as can an azure blue or a screaming shade of marigold). But, lastly, nails done with just the right amount of individuality and elegance, can become a conversation starter and a defining characteristic.

The real question, though: How to create a nail that is not just a simple, statement of class but, rather, that and a little individual? The answer—straight lines and simple palettes. Still too complicated? Here’s the break-down; all it takes is some tape, an idea, and a little bit of patience.

Begin with your nail prepped; old polish removed and base coat dried (unless you have another idea in mind).

Lay tape across in whichever direction you’d like (I recommend only a slight angle for classy look, an extreme angle for a real statement).

My tip is to apply the tape then polish only one nail at a time then remove the tape immediately before moving onto the next nail. Because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the polish will dry (slightly) and come off with the tape, leaving behind uneven lines.


Once the first layer is dry, it’s time for the next layer (or the top coat if this is crazy enough). There’s no limit to what you can do with tape, but something else good to have on hand (for narrow lines and thin designs) is a thin detailing brush or polish that comes with a narrow brush (available at almost any cosmetic retailer) because there are some things that it just does better (like clean lines).

Another design possibility with the same idea and fall in mind:


But when it comes to nail-art, scotch tape is an amazing tool and it doesn’t take anymore than two colors to make your own nails a point of discussion and of pride. So good luck to all “recruiting” freshman!


Allison Trebacz 


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