Josh Vietti Visits Pomerantz Stage on College Tour

While the Phil Wickham was rocking out at the Knapp Center, another musician came to Drake University on Saturday night: Pop Violinist Josh Vietti.

What’s a pop violinist?  Imagine an instrumental hip-hop track with a live, classically trained violinist playing over the top of it.  Originally a street performer in southern California, Vietti’s unique brand of music found it’s way into Iowa on a nation-wide college tour.

The show was entertaining, despite a plethora of technical difficulties.  He gave away over half a dozen of his most recent record as prizes for beat boxing over top of traditional violin pieces, guessing TV theme songs (which I won!), and participating in a dance off.

Josh Vietti was an entertaining performer, but type-casted himself a bit.  He diverged slightly throughout the show, playing a few jigs, classical, and bluegrass tunes, but he had no original tracks.  I understand there are obvious limits to his musical genre, but some more variety would have been nice.

Whether or not Josh Vietti is a name you will here again, I would venture with a no.  But even so, his Saturday night performance was an entertaining edition to parent’s weekend at Drake.

-Abbey Maynard


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