Top Five Winter 2013 Nail Polish Colors

Color trends tend to follow the seasons, with darker colors being more popular in the fall/winter months and pastels/brights taking over in the spring and summer.  Winter 2013 is no exception.  Aside from the nude and jewel tone trends, the rest of the colors carry on the typical darker trend.  Here are the top five nail polish colors for this upcoming season.

  1. Nude: Nude nails stand out this season against the sea of darker shades.  Match them to your skin tone and play around until you find a shade that’s flattering.  Nude doesn’t just have to mean pale.  Slightly glossy colors work better for nudes because the colors pop more and look less flat because the shine adds some contrast between the polish color and your skin.
  2. Burgundy/Oxblood: Whatever you want to call this sexy shade, we’re happy to announce that the biggest trend of fall is carrying over into winter on our nails.  This dramatic shade looks stunning on all skin tones, but it pops especially well against lighter skin tones. Channel your inner seductress with this vampy color.
  3. Midnight Blue: In-between a royal blue and a black, midnight blue offers drama without being in your face about it.  It adds subtle edge to any outfit because it’s less expected than a black yet retains the “go with anything” appeal.  This is a more ladylike way to embrace the rocker chic vibe for your inner rebel-in-training.
  4. Camo: This sounds weird, but we promise that the colors are beautiful and unique.  Camo refers to nail polishes that are green with brownish tones like Essie Armed and Ready.  Think of this color as this season’s version of greige or grurple.  These camo shades are multidimensional which make them visually stunning polishes on your nails.
  5. Jewel Tones: While classic red is popular every winter, the focus has expanded this season to incorporate the vibrant teal, purple, yellow, and green colors that make up the rest of the jewel tones.  It isn’t any harder to make these brighter colors work with the rest of your wardrobe.  Use them as accents against a mostly black or neutral outfit or pop them against an opposing color if you’re more daring.


  GAP Ruby, OPI Merry Merry,    Essie Aruba Blue & Mesmerized 

                 & GAP Cabernet 




Essie Armed and Ready                 OPI Suzi And The 7 Dusseldorfs


            OPI Dulce de Leche

(photo from


 -Jennifer Gardner


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